10 Intrusive Applications You Should Delete From Your Phone Immediately


know people electronic applications As nice extras that help them get the most out of their phones. Today, it has become a daily and life necessity for communication, work and entertainment. But unfortunately, every week a new list of bad apps comes out before us that cause trouble or expose us to security risks… We cannot forget that mobile applications for cryptocurrency and money are the latest tools of hackers and scammers. electronics. For this reason; It’s time to reconsider the list of apps available on your phone and start removing toxic ones.

Games and horoscopes

1. Games and riddles applications. People don’t think much before downloading free puzzle and game apps. Unfortunately, these applications can backfire on you when they hide malicious viruses and other dangerous code.

Also, the danger is not limited to Malware only; Because these games collect much more information about you than you might imagine, examples of which are many, most notably the famous “Words with Friends” game. The latter collect data related to the following matters: purchases, contact information, user content, identifiers and diagnoses, location, contacts, browsing history, usage, and other data.

2.. Horoscope and astrology applications. Astrology allows you to swim with the stars to find out the reasons behind the things that happen to you. Well, if you download the Astro Guru app, for example, you will probably know everything you want about astrology, horoscopes and palm reading, but at the same time, you will expose yourself to sharing a large amount of your data; So it is best to get rid of it.

Scanner and fax

3. CamScanner on iPhone and Android. This application has gained wide and fast popularity thanks to its precise cropping features and automatic optical adjustments that it provides to the user, and it even has a section to scan identification papers, allowing employees who fill out new job papers to quickly scan and upload sensitive documents.But you should think carefully before using this free application to scan Driver’s license, financial documents and social security number.

What is the alternative? For iPhone users, there is the Notes app that does everything you need to do about scanning papers. For Android users, we recommend the Google Drive app. It is enough to click on the “+” symbol in the corner and then on “Delete”. It’s easy!

4. Find another way to send a fax. Check Point Research has revealed that the popular iFax app that allows you to send faxes directly from your phone is not secure.

Researchers have found exposed keys that give access to the cloud that stores sent documents; This could allow bad actors to access documents submitted by the app’s more than 500,000 users.

Are you looking for an alternative? Try FaxZero, the app that’s free if you send more than five faxes in a day and only three pages at a time. On its first page, you will see an advertisement page, but it is not important. If you need to send more than 25 pages per day without ads, the price is $1.99 per page. If you need to receive faxes, the eFax app provides you with a virtual fax number to receive approximately 10 fax pages per month for free. . There are also paid options in the app if the free plan is not enough for you.

Screens and icons

5. Screen recorder is not secure. Screen recording apps can be more useful than a still image you take with the phone itself, but be careful how you do this. Screen Recorder, which has reached more than 10 million downloads, exposes the recordings made by its users. Check Point, a research company, says the app saves screen recordings to a cloud service.

The researchers considered this to be an appropriate step, but it could present serious problems if the developers implanted in the application secret keys that would allow access to the service that saves these recordings.

6. QR code scanning applications When downloading a third-party scanning application, users contribute to exposing their phones to dangers, yet they insist on using them.

But it is better to replace these applications with the resources of your phone available in its system.

On Android, open the Camera app, tap the QR code and install it for a few seconds. If a notification appears on your phone screen, tap on it. If you don’t get a notification, go to Settings and enable the QR code scanning setting. To scan a QR code on an iPhone, open the camera and hold it above the code, and your phone will automatically switch you directly to its link.

7. Say No to logo creator These free apps have so many great downloads and reviews that you would never know that they could put your personal information at risk of being exposed to people searching for it. This information includes mail addresses.

Facebook and Tik Tok

8. Facebook is thirsty for data. Think about how valuable your data is to major technology companies, otherwise they would not have provided you with this huge amount of services for free, and you have in Facebook a prominent example of it. Below, we’ll show you a glimpse of the information these apps track:

• Contacts and schedule contacts and text messages.

• the site.

• Inventory of your internal phone.

• Camera and microphone on your device.

Facebook seeks to penetrate deeply into your device because it wants to monitor who you are (both online and in the real world), what you search for, and what you buy. Then, it uses this data to serve you targeted ads. Don’t mind having ads? Well, do not forget, then, that Facebook witnessed many leaking incidents as well, and this year alone was exposed to the records of 533 million of its users.

9. More than just dance moves. The Tik Tok application is famous for the rapid spread of its videos, with all their content ranging from dance and stunts. For this reason, parents should be aware of the dangers of Tik Tok. If you have a child at home, say goodbye to this app even if you are using it on your phone; Because it might tempt kids to download it to their devices.

10. LEDs applications. Lamp applications have been a necessity since the appearance of the first smartphones, but they are no longer so today because they have become integrated into the interior design of these phones.

Bottom line: Get rid of LED lights apps on Apple and Android devices; Because you no longer need it thanks to the high-quality built-in lamp application in the device.* «USA Today» – Tribune Media services

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