Zina Ashour breaks the silence and comments on her daughter Jana Amr Diab’s illness


mother directedJana Diab​، ​Zeina AshourA message of support for her daughter after announcing that she had a disorderHyperactivityADHD and panic disorder, ADHD.
Zina posted a video on her personal account on the social networking site, in which her daughter appears in a television interview about her suffering with the disease, and commented: “Your strength in showing yourself, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, is impressive. Well done Jojo by raising awareness and your confidence in yourself. “
Jana had revealed that she had a disease that caused her to be expelled from school, in a message she published on her private page in which she announced academic problems due to her suffering from ADHD, and​panic disorderAnxiety, and advised her to drop out of school after the diagnosis.
The distraction caused Jana to suffer in not delivering her school duties on time, which caused her embarrassment among her colleagues.
She pointed out that her teachers were describing her as stupid, lazy and rebellious, instead of providing her support and directing her to do the right actions.


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