Zidane’s betrayal .. Real Madrid exempted him from paying 10 million euros, so he turned the tables on them!


Zidane and Real Madrid .. Who betrayed the other?

It seems that the issue of treason, in which Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane are accused, has witnessed a new chapter entitled “Exemption from paying 10 million euros for a fiery letter and a sharp attack.”

Zidane said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper AS: “Dear Real Madrid fans, for more than 20 years and since the first time I wore the team’s shirt, you showed me all the love. I wanted to write this letter to bid you farewell and inform you of the reasons for my departure from the team’s training.”

With these words Zidane began, he did not talk about 20 years of trophies, nor the successes, nor what he gave the team as a player and coach before he spoke about the passion and love that brought him together with the royal team, and perhaps this is what hurt him. “Zidane’s full message here

Speaking of Zidane’s resignation or departure in any way after the end of the current season, the French coach was required to pay 10 million euros in value for the financial settlement if he wanted to submit his resignation.

Zidane insisted on making it clear that the problem was not deals, reinforcements, or anything material, only respect, just securing his position. He preserved his image in front of the media and in front of his players so that he could move forward, but that did not happen.

But regarding this, the Spanish newspapers established by the Royal Club indicated that part of that respect was reaching a financial settlement with the French coach to achieve his desire to submit his resignation without paying any sums of money.

But the surprise for Real Madrid and its management was that only 4 days after that, Zidane came out in a sharp message to open fire on the administration and President Florentino Perez, what they considered a betrayal of them.

Zizou’s complaint was not new, and it was clear when he exploded in the face of journalists months ago and gave up his calm only to convey his message to the press and media, which later turned out to be directed also to Florentino Perez personally and everyone who has a hand in managing the royal club.

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It is noteworthy that Real Madrid did not wait more than 42 hours after that message to officially announce the appointment of Carlo Ancelotti as technical director of the Royal Club, to succeed French Zinedine Zidane.


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