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Yesterday, the Zayed Sustainability Prize announced that it had received 4,000 applications from 151 countries after closing the door for participation in its 2022 session, an increase of 68.5% compared to the previous session, noting that the large number of applications submitted reflects the development of the prize and its growing global reach.

The award stated in a statement that it had received the requests of participants under the conditions of the global “Covid-19” pandemic for a period of up to six months, pointing out that a large number of these participations came from countries with innovative, knowledge-based economies, all of which aspire to implement advanced solutions and technologies and expand The scope of their use is in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

She explained that in the wake of the postponement of the award ceremony for the 2021 session due to “Covid-19”, the entries submitted in 2021 will be automatically transferred to participate in the 2022 session along with the new applicants.

Award Categories

The submissions came to simulate global interest with the start of the recovery phase from the “Covid-19” pandemic. Of the total requests for participation, the food and health categories accounted for the highest percentages, with 1201 requests for food, and 879 requests for health, while the energy category received 759 requests, and the water category 627 requests. .

As for the international secondary schools category, 534 applications were received, which is a large number given the current conditions and school closures in most countries. Therefore, these numbers constitute a clear indication of the global youth’s commitment to building a sustainable future.

global platform

Brazil, India, Kenya, the United States and China topped the list of participating countries in the number of applications, as the large numbers of these participations confirm the importance of the award as a leading global platform to support sustainable solutions that possess the elements of innovation, impact and inspiring ideas, within the main and emerging global markets alike.

This remarkable increase also reflects the diversity of challenges and opportunities that would contribute to building a sustainable future.

Practical solutions

The Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and Director General of the Zayed Sustainability Prize, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, said that the award continues its role in consolidating the legacy and vision of the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and consolidating the UAE’s commitment to promoting sustainability and supporting humanitarian efforts. He added: “We are pleased to receive such a large number of requests for participation despite the difficult circumstances the world is facing, and this confirms the growing interest of innovators in finding practical solutions that contribute to enhancing sustainability,” stressing that “the award will continue to strive to achieve its goals by supporting innovative project owners and institutions that plan for the future and seeks to make a positive change in our world for the better.”

He also stressed the importance of the contributions and innovative sustainability solutions received by the award from various countries, which correspond to the international community’s endeavor to unify its efforts to activate climate action ahead of the “COP 26” conference, noting that these solutions can achieve tangible economic benefits in addition to their role in developing communities.

Positive effect

Since its establishment in 2008, the Zayed Sustainability Prize, with a total value of $3 million, has directly or indirectly contributed to making a positive impact on the lives of more than 352 million people in 150 countries.

The winners of the 2022 award cycle will be announced at the annual awards ceremony that takes place during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in January 2022.

Brazil, India, Kenya, America and China topped the list of participating countries.

• Entries submitted in 2021 will be automatically transferred to participate in the 2022 cycle.

Small Business Support

The Zayed Sustainability Prize has witnessed a noticeable increase in participation requests from countries known for their clear interest in developing sustainable innovations, as part of the prize’s efforts to support small and medium-sized companies and non-profit organizations, and to encourage and empower young people to be future leaders in the field of sustainability and to contribute an active role in supporting communities. This was embodied by receiving many requests for participation from South Africa, Rwanda, Japan, Indonesia, Denmark, Mexico, Colombia, and others.

Sultan Al Jaber: “The award will continue to strive to achieve its goals by supporting the owners of innovative projects and institutions that plan for the future.”

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