Zamalek reveals a surprise in Ferjani Sassi’s contract


No voice is louder inside the club, Zamalek, over the crisis of Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi not renewing his contract with the White Castle and his approaching to leave the club at the end of the current season.

And in the past few days, news spread that Ferjani decided his position by leaving Zamalek and signing the Qatari club Al Rayyan to move to it starting next season, although White Castle officials denied this until the player has not officially confirmed the matter yet.

For his part, Amr Al-Dardir, the official spokesman for Zamalek club, blew a surprise about Ferjani Sassi’s contract with the White Castle, stressing that the player’s contract does not expire on the first of this June, as it was reported, but the player’s contract is extended until the end of the current season.

Al-Dardir explained that the Tunisian player will return to join Zamalek after the end of his participation in the Tunisian national team camp in the current period, after the end of the international break.

Zamalek club officials confirmed that Ferjani Sassi has not signed his transfer contracts to any other club so far, and that what is rumored about his signing of his transfer contracts to Qatar’s Al Rayyan and Al Duhail is completely incorrect.

Zamalek officials are awaiting the return of Ferjani Sassi from the Tunisian national team camp to decide whether or not to renew his contract with the White Castle.


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