Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Romantic pictures of Majed Al-Masry and his wife.. That’s how he flirted with her while she replied


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The artist Majed Al-Masry shared with his fans a group of romantic photos, collected by him and his wife, Rania Abu Al-Nasr, during their stay in Dubai, where they spend their summer vacation there during this period.

Majed flirted with his wife through his account on “Instagram” in a romantic way, using the lyrics of the song “Bold font”, by the star Hussein Al Jasmi, where he commented: “My love is in broad font… more expensive and more expensive than vein.”

Majed’s publication received wide interaction between the audience and his friends from the stars, including Mustafa Darwish and Khaled Selim’s wife, while Rania Abu Al-Nasr responded to her husband’s courtship, saying: “My heart is beloved.”

Followers talked about the strong relationship that unites the spouses, wishing them marital happiness, and that God bless them with the blessing of understanding and love.

And recently, the Egyptian media, Bossi Shalaby, published a video clip in which she appeared with the able Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, the artist Majed Al-Masry, and the artist Ahmed Saad, and each of them sang famous songs for him, as Hani Shaker appeared while singing “Ali Al-Dakhkaya”, which is considered one of the His most famous songs, and he chanted accompanied by Ahmed Saad, Majed Al-Masry and all those present, as well as accompanied by Hani Shaker and Bossi Shalaby, the latter’s wife, who also chanted the words of the song. He also sang “Lessa Betsali” while sitting and the interaction of those present with him appeared.

What was remarkable in the videos was Majed Al-Masry’s singing, as the media, Bossi Shalaby, published a clip of him singing in English, and said: “Bravo.. Majid, you are live now, and all people are asking you to return to singing again. What do you think?” And she completed an interactive question. To the audience: “Whoever agrees that Majed returns to sing, sends us.”

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