Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Mai Helmy sets her condition for remarrying…and reveals the reasons for her thinking of retiring


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The Egyptian media, Mai Helmy, considered herself the most famous sports broadcaster in Egypt during the current period, pointing out that she has no ambition in the future, especially since she met many football stars, and indicated that she is not disturbed by some talk that she is a famous social networking site.
Helmy, during an interview on Al-Arabiya channel, set her condition for remarrying, which is that he be an Egyptian man, indicating that she had received many marriage proposals from Arabs and rejected them, commenting that they had to turn out.

She refused to say, directly, that she is in love at the present time, as she answered by saying: “Possibility”, declaring her acceptance that this answer falls into saying: “Yes, I live a love story”, commenting on her advice to women not to forgive more than what is permitted.
And about her thinking about retiring, Mai Helmy said: “I’m bored,” noting that some people’s interference in her life is what bothers her, adding that she has become bored with people’s judgment, so she thought about retiring and forming a home and family.
She stressed that she did not obtain her financial rights from her ex-husband, the singer Muhammad Rashad, indicating that when she forgave him after he left her wedding day, then she forgave him and married him after that, it was not stupid from her in the explicit sense, but “she sought after her heart, and this was normal.”
Regarding her abortion of her fetus due to a “suction” operation, she said that this is completely untrue; Because this condemns the doctor, and it is defective to talk in this regard; Because it is medically not permissible.
She responded to her accusation that her clothes are daring by saying that, compared to “fashionistas”, she does not wear clothes that carry daring, as some have accused her, adding that she is considering an acting experience, during the coming period, if she retracts the step of thinking about retirement, as she recalculates her at the time in some Things, especially since she rejected several offers, during the last period.

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