Zahrat Al Khaleej – Hala Al Turk celebrates the birthday of Ghazal, daughter of Donia Batma


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The young Bahraini artist, Hala Al-Turk, was keen to celebrate the birthday of her half-sister “Gazal” from her father’s wife, Moroccan artist Donia Batma.

She published a picture of Ghazal, who has completed her fourth year, and sent her congratulations through a post on the “Story” feature on “Instagram”, in which she wrote: “Happy New Year, my beautiful sister, Ghazal.”

This comes at a time when “Social Media” is witnessing a violent attack on Hala Al-Turk, after the latter succeeded in obtaining a one-year prison sentence with enforcement, against her mother, Mona Al-Saber, but the latter tried a few days ago to end the dispute between her and her daughter, when she commented on A follower praised her daughter’s songs, describing her as honey.

During a question segment on “Story”, through her account on “Instagram”, Al-Saber asked a question to her followers, saying: “What are your hobbies, since he is sitting at home and everything is intoxicating”, to receive answers from the audience, including a response that said: “A new follower and songs Hala al-Turk is your daughter, honey, and you are a bee.” She replied, “Honey produces nothing but honey.”

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And in a message sent to her by a follower: “Mona, my love, what happened with you regarding the case,” to reply, saying: “God willing, it is good. Anything that shows me, I will certainly tell you about it, pray for me.”

Al-Saber had recently taken advantage of her daughter’s birthday, Hala, and was keen to congratulate her, through a photo of the memories they collected, which she posted on “Instagram”, and commented on her by saying: “Every year, you are a thousand good, Hala.”

In another context, Hala Al-Turk is following up on the great success of the duet “Layali Al Summer”, which she presented as a video clip, in cooperation with the Lebanese singer Jad Choueiri, and she expressed her happiness with this success; She said in a video clip via “Story” on “Instagram”, that she is happy with that experience, in which she sang for the first time in the Egyptian dialect, and that it is her first experience in terms of working on the “duet” method, and she continued: “Of course the song (Summer Nights) The first experience, and Wade was accustomed to all the reactions we were receiving to the song.”

“Summer Nights” brought Hala Al-Turk back to practice her artistic activities again, after a period during which she witnessed a crisis with her mother, Mona Al-Saber, and she reached the court yards.


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