Zahrat Al Khaleej – Bassem Yakhour and his wife celebrate the birthday of their child..and send a message to him


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The Syrian artist, Basem Yakhour, published a family photo with his wife, during their celebration of their son’s birthday, on his official page on “Instagram”, wishing him happiness throughout his life, and the realization of all his dreams.
Bassem Yakhour, commenting on the photo in which he appeared with his wife and son, said: “Habib my heart is 12 years old. May God protect you and make your heart happy, my soul, and protect your children and make you happy in them, my dear.”
A large number of artists and artists were keen to congratulate Bassem Yakhour on his son’s birthday, and his followers interacted with him, who noticed a similarity between the father and his son, wishing him happiness always.

And the artist, Bassem Yakhour, had previously recounted the details of the health malaise he had experienced during the last period, which caused a state of anxiety among his fans, as he announced for the first time that he was infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and that this came two days later. Only after the end of filming his series “Ala Sin Hot”, in which he competed in the previous Ramadan drama marathon.
Bassem Yakhour said that after completing the filming, the symptoms of “Corona” began to appear, indicating that it was very severe, and the injury was severe and strong.
Basem Yakhour expressed his full gratitude to God’s arrangements, that the injury came after the end of filming and was not during it, so that the work would not stop, which would have prevented the completion of the series in the month of Ramadan.

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