Zahrat Al Khaleej – Ahmed El Sakka returns to taming horses in the latest appearance after his injury


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Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Sakka surprised his fans by reappearing after recovering from a recent foot injury, and he stayed at home for treatment.
Al-Saqa appeared, through a new photo, which he posted on his account on “Instagram”, as he tames a horse, standing next to it, while the “Perse” appears, sitting in an innovative way on the ground, to show the exercises that Sakka undergoes.

This is the first appearance of Ahmed El-Sakka after his foot was injured during the last period, after his foot hit one of the doors of his house, to miss an event, due to the difficulty of wearing shoes.
A few days ago, El-Sakka sent a message to his father, the late theater director Salah El-Sakka, on the occasion of Father’s Day, where he posted a photo of their gathering on his Facebook page, and expressed his appreciation for his father, and that he would remain his role model and the first hero in what he did in his life, as he called for him. with mercy.

Ahmed El-Sakka wrote in his letter: “On Father’s Day, my dear father… you will remain my role model, no matter how great the people around me are, and you will remain my hero for what I did… O God, enlighten the grave of a man who was my life and what is on it.”
It is worth noting that the last work of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka was the series “The Offspring of the Strangers”, in which he ran the last Ramadan race, along with: Amir Karara, Diab, Ferdous Abdel Hamid, Salwa Othman, Edward, Mai Omar, Mohamed Gomaa, Mohamed Mahran, Ahmed Malik and Ahmed Dash And a number of other artists, written and directed by Mohamed Sami.
The series “The Offspring of the Strangers” belongs to the Upper Egyptian drama, where Ahmed El-Sakka embodied the role of a person called “Ghufran Al-Gharib”, while Amir Karara appeared in the role of his brother Assaf Al-Gharib. Even at the expense of the other, not to mention that both of them are from a different mother.

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