Youssef Othman returns to Mahmoud Hemida in “Ritsa” after 17 years of “I Love Sima” .. Photo


The artist Youssef Othman participates in the movie “Ritsa”, as a young man in the fifties, the character in which the artist Mahmoud Hemida appears later, and the work was written by Moataz Fatiha and directed by Ahmed Yousry, and this comes after Othman presented the role of Mahmoud Hemida’s son in the movie “Baheb El Sima” in year 2004.

Youssef Othman shared his fans with a picture that brings him together with the great artist Mahmoud Hamida as he sticks his tongue out to the camera in the scenes of the film, and comments poured in on them, including the comment “I love the Sima”, the film that brought them together. loft.

Mahmoud Hamida and Youssef Othman

Mahmoud Hamida and Youssef Othman

The film team “Ritsa” finished filming the last scenes of the work, where the filming took place in the Green Belt area on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the work is still in the stage of editing and mixing in preparation for its release in the cinemas.

The movie “Ritsa” was written by Moataz Fatiha, produced by Ayman Youssef, directed by Ahmed Yousry, and co-starring Mahmoud Hemida, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Amir El-Masry, Caroline Azmy, Mai El-Gheity, Maryam El-Khasht, Nour Ihab and Aisha Ben Ahmed, and its events revolve around 3 different love stories, and each story has its own. The character is special and goes in parallel lines, but there is a link between them.


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