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As part of its keenness to nurture creative generations capable of innovation in various fields, the “Sharjah Youth” of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for the Industry of Leaders and Innovators is organizing, this month, a set of free qualitative programs and workshops by default, through visual communication techniques.

The programs focus on developing the skills of Sharjah youth affiliates aged 13 to 18, and developing their abilities in entrepreneurship, literature and languages, sports, arts of all kinds, science and technology, and life skills.

The month of June includes a number of innovative programs and workshops, including the “Film Making” workshop, in cooperation with the Fun Foundation, and three workshops in plastic art presented by plastic artist Taleen Balian. The first workshop is entitled “Sahara of Sharjah,” and the second is “Abstract Art in Arabic Calligraphy.” The third is entitled “Abstract Art and Sharjah Beach”.

The list of Sharjah youth programs this month also includes a program entitled “Develop your skills”, to provide participants with various skills that keep pace with the needs of the labor market, presented by Dr. Ahmed Tahlak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Levin Burt for Training and Consulting, and another program entitled “Photo and show your product”, and presented by Mubarak. Mahboub is a photography and videographer trainer. During the program, participants learn the secrets and art of product photography in a modern way.

Sharjah Youth receives the participation of creators in writing theatrical scripts in the “Writing Competition for Youth Theater”, which targets the age group from 10 to 35 years, to give them the opportunity to participate with their creativity in theatrical scripts that discuss the interests of the emerging category.

The list of programs also includes a program entitled “The Book Club .. Read”, in cooperation with the Emirates Council on Books for Young People, where a reading box containing an interesting book and entertaining gifts will be sent to each participant, provided that the participants meet in a virtual session at the end of the month to discuss the book and express their views on it. .

Sharjah Youth continues the “Scientists Who Changed the World” program, to introduce participants to the most important achievements and creations of scientists who contributed to the making of human civilization and changed the world in literature and science, and the “EV3 Robots – The Future of Energy” program, which qualifies participants to enter local and international competitions by identifying the components of the EV3 robot. And skills to perform programming tasks, in addition to the “Sports Time” program, which includes a set of exercises and educational lectures to make the practice of sports activities a way of life.

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The “Accomplishment of the Show” workshop continues within the puppet arts program, during which participants learn about several axes, starting with the idea and writing, through design and performance, to directing, in a way that qualifies the participants to master all stages and details of a professional show in puppet arts.

• The programs focus on developing the skills of Sharjah youth affiliates, aged 13 to 18 years.

• “Develop your skills” to keep pace with the needs of the labor market.

• “Scientists who changed the world” identifies the most important achievements of those who contributed to making civilization.

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