You will not expect the effects of the muzzle on oral and dental health!


The Covid-19 crisis has changed the world in many respects and at various levels, and there is no doubt that individuals wearing masks throughout their time outside the home to protect themselves and others is the most prominent of these changes. Despite the effectiveness of the muzzle in reducing the spread of Covid-19 disease, it may be the cause of many other health problems. These problems may include allergies to the materials from which the masks are made, the appearance of pimples and other signs of skin disorder around the area of ​​​​the muzzle wearing.

Dentists have also noticed an increase in problems related to oral and dental health, which are mainly caused by wearing a muzzle. The habits that individuals can acquire as a result of wearing masks for long periods are key factors that contribute to the exacerbation of these problems.

Wearing a mask causes an increase in reliance on breathing from the mouth; This is where the problems begin. It is known that breathing from the mouth leads to a number of problems, such as dry mouth, bad breath, tooth decay and receding gums.

Dry mouth also leads to a rapid increase in the number of harmful bacteria as a result of the decrease in the natural components present in saliva, which contribute to maintaining oral and dental health and play a vital role in providing a healthy environment in the mouth. This is something we have noticed and realized for many years, as a result of many health problems or drug and medical conditions that lead to dry mouth.

Suggested solutions to problems caused by wearing a mask

Dr. Benny Choburi of Dental Studio Dental Clinic in Dubai recommends the following tips:

Breathing through the nose when wearing the mask: care must be taken that the mask covers most of the nose to leave room for air to pass through.

Commitment to wearing clean masks exclusively: Dirty masks may carry a large number of bacteria and even food particles that can cause health problems if they enter the mouth.

Drink enough water: Many underestimate the importance of fresh, non-sparkling water, unaware of its ability to eliminate toxins and acids produced by bacteria, and its importance in cleaning the mouth of food residue. Unfortunately, drinking sparkling water leads to the opposite effect, due to its high acidity, which increases the acidity of the mouth and thus provides a favorable environment for acid-producing bacteria.

Cleaning the mouth frequently and carefully (gently and carefully): It is recommended to floss regularly and avoid sugary drinks and foods as much as possible. Dental professionals have long advised chewing sugar-free gum to stimulate the production of saliva, which contains ingredients that maintain oral and dental health and contribute to oral hygiene.

Visiting the dentist and the oral and dental hygienist more frequently: This is a necessary step for periodic dental examinations and cleaning.


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