You can experience new generation games on Xbox One with xCloud


Microsoft will allow Xbox One owners to play next-generation Xbox games through its xCloud service as the company confirms its plans to take full advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This means that the platform released in 2013 will be able to play Xbox Series X-exclusive games from 2021, extending its lifecycle in the market by more than 8 years.

So far, Microsoft has only described xCloud on console as a way for gamers to “try games before downloading,” but the company clearly sees the service as offering much more than that.

Microsoft originally announced Microsoft Flight Simulator as an Xbox One title, before quietly removing references to the Xbox One version in December, and recently returned to clarify that Flight Simulator will now launch on Xbox Series X/S platforms on July 27.

However, it is not clear when xCloud game streaming will be available on Xbox One. It’s unlikely to be ready in time for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s launch in July, and Microsoft’s head of cloud gaming, Karim Choudary, previously stated that xCloud will be integrated into gaming platforms “later this year.”

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