Yemeni media rages after the Saudi trilogy: “Shame on your forehead”


Yemeni media rages after the Saudi trilogy:

The Yemeni media angered the Yemeni and Asian Football Associations, because they ignored the death of their country’s coach, Sami Naash, as a result of his infection with the Corona virus about 20 days ago.

This came in the face of the Saudi team, which ended with Al-Akhdar winning 3-0 in the match that brought them together on Saturday in the joint qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and the Asian Cup in China 2023.

Yemeni media outlets on social media expressed their anger at the two teams’ failure to mourn the coach of the Yemeni national team’s recovery, or even the players wearing black armbands on their hands in appreciation of the late coach.

The head of the Yemeni Sports Media Association, Jamil Tarboush, said on his Facebook account: “It is worse than not standing for a minute of silence for the former national team coach, the late, God Almighty, Captain Sami Al-Nash, not to tie a black ribbon on the shoulder of all the players of the team.”

And he continued, “If neglecting the request from the AFC to stand for a minute of silence is unacceptable, then what do we call the neglect of tying a black badge on the shoulders of all players?”

In turn, the journalist of the Saba Agency, Mansour Al-Dabai, considered ignoring the death of Al-Nash an administrative failure in addition to the failure accompanying the Football Association, saying: “A very shameful defect, but rather a disgrace on your forehead that the players go to the match without a black badge in sorrow for the departure of coach Sami Naach.”

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Saudi Arabia takes the lead with three goals against Yemen (video)

The match took place at Marsool Park Stadium in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, as part of the fourth group qualifiers.

The Saudi team came very close to resolving the qualification ticket after raising its score in the lead to 14 points, while the balance of the Yemeni team stopped at 5 points at the bottom of the standings.

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