Yasser Al-Azma publishes a photo from his art archive dating back to the early eighties – Mada Post


Yasser Al-Azma publishes a picture from his art archive dating back to the early eighties

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The Syrian artist, Yasser Al-Azma, shared with his followers on Instagram, a photo from his artistic archive that he collected with Libyan artist Taher Al-Qabali, while filming the series Drums of Freedom in the early eighties.

Al-Azma is currently stable in the United Arab Emirates, and is busy filming his new series “The Swallow”, which is witnessing his return to drama after an absence of 7 years, since 2013.

Al-Sununu is written and directed by Egyptian director Khairy Bishara, and starring: Abed FahdDima Al-Jundi, Gerges Jabara, Marah Jabr, Leah Mbardi, Walaa Azzam, Ayman Abdel Salam, in addition to stars from Lebanon and Egypt.

Yasser Al-Azma
Syrian artist Yasser Al-Azma-YouTube

Emirati Nationality

The United Arab Emirates granted golden residency to a large number of Syrian art stars and some Egyptian stars. As for the artist, Yasser Al-Azma, he obtained Emirati citizenship in appreciation of his artistic contributions.

Fashion Style

Al-Azma commented on the news, writing: “It is the Emirates… the bright sun of the Gulf, embracing skills… and creative talents. The United Arab Emirates honored me by granting me Emirati citizenship.”

He continued, “Thank you to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, patron of arts, literature and sciences, for this honor, and all appreciation to His Highness for granting him the golden residency for many Arab and Syrian artists, which allows them to work and reside continuously throughout the Emirates.”

He concluded: “May God protect His Highness and the brotherly people of the Emirates.”

Yasser Al-Azma .. Who is he?

Yasser Al-Azmeh, one of the icons of critical comedy in Syria and the Arab world, as soon as his name is mentioned, we remember the Maraya series, which reflected a lot about the reality of Arab societies, both through and through.

The beginning of the greatness was in the sixties of the last century, on the stage of Syrian theaters, and in the eighties was the launch of the series “Mirrayas”, which is considered a cornerstone in the Syrian drama, and it lasted for nearly thirty-five years.

Yasser Al-Azma is famous for his embodiment of several characters that appear in most parts of the Maraya series, such as: Wali Khasro, Hakawati Al-Hara, Wali Fafoush, Nuri Tabshoura and many others.

Al-Azma received several awards during his artistic career, where he received golden awards three times at the Cairo Festival, thanks to his distinguished comedic work, and won appreciation awards from the Artists Syndicate, and was honored by the Abha International Comedy Festival.

Yasser Al-Azma
Yasser Al-Azma publishes a photo from his art archive dating back to the early eighties


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