Xbox boss indirectly criticizes PlayStation for these two reasons!


Microsoft confirmed moments before the company entered with all its weight in the gaming industry, though, “Phil Spencer,” head of Xbox, did not miss the opportunity to indirectly criticize Sony and the PlayStation brand for delaying the release of games, in addition to reselling the same titles more than once on different devices.

Of course, “Spencer” did not mention PlayStation directly, but rather criticized the CEO of “other companies” who bring home hardware games to the PC, noting that those games are released years after their appearance on home entertainment platforms, and are bought again at their full price by players. Unlike Xbox strategy.

For several years, Microsoft released its Xbox Games Studios titles simultaneously on PC, Xbox, and cloud streaming services, and by comparison, Sony released its first PC-exclusive title, Horizon Zero Dawn, in 2020, more than three years after the game debuted on PC. PS4, and the company said it will prioritize PlayStation consoles for its future versions of games before deciding later to release them for other platforms.

Spencer went on to explain:

We’re the only platform that ships games on Xbox, PC, and xCloud simultaneously, others bring home platform games to PC years later, not only to get people to buy their hardware up front, but then ship it back at full price on PC. In return, all of our games are in the subscription service on the first day.

Looking to the future, we see continued growth on PC next year despite another amazing slate of Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games coming up on PC, at the same time, Xbox Game Pass PC will be an important part of our Windows gaming strategy.

It is reported that Microsoft plans to release a new first-party game every three months with a target of 300 million Gamepass subscribers.

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