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The Special Envoy of the World Health Organization to confront the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, David Nabarro, said that humanity must learn how to live with the virus, prevent it from spreading and prevent the increase in cases of infection or cause the presence of hot spots for the disease, explaining that “the virus It is not going away any time soon, and strains will appear.”

He added, in statements carried by the British news agency PA Media, that eliminating the virus is not a logical goal for the world at present, noting that reports that a Nepalese strain of the virus is being studied.

He continued: “Every time there is a sudden increase in cases of the virus, one comes to the idea that there may be a new strain of the virus. This will not be surprising, it will be the pattern for the future.”

In addition, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that none of the vaccines against the Corona virus provides complete protection against the disease, but it reduces the chances of infection with the virus to less than 1%.

In a statement to TASS, he said: “There is no vaccine that provides complete protection, and the possibility of infection with the virus remains. Today, we can see that less than 0.8% of those vaccinated develop the disease. This is a very low percentage compared to the unvaccinated.

“We are always evaluating the possibilities,” he added. Those who are vaccinated face few possibilities. And if more people get vaccinated, the overall risk of contracting the virus will be minimal.”

In Germany, the Minister of Health, Jens Young, called for patience with regard to obtaining an appointment to take the emerging coronavirus vaccine, shortly before activating the cancellation of priority in granting the vaccine.

Young men told the weekly newspaper Bild am Sonntag in its edition yesterday: “Not everyone can get an appointment at the same time, so I ask for a degree of kindness with workers and workers in doctors’ clinics and vaccination centers. They are doing the best they can. But there is not enough for everyone.

The German minister added that the waiting period until the date of vaccination is currently weeks, adding: “80% of adults wishing to receive the vaccine will be vaccinated by mid-July at least.”

It is noteworthy that vaccination campaigns in Germany began at the end of last year, and the priority was initially for people over 80 years old, in health care homes, homes for the elderly, as well as medical staff, then people who have a high risk of developing serious disease paths, and it is scheduled as of Today, the priority of granting vaccinations is abolished throughout Germany, which has already been done in a number of states.

And in India, the health authorities announced, yesterday, that 114,460 new cases of the emerging coronavirus had been recorded, the lowest number in two months, and an increase in the number of deaths by 2,677, while regions in the country prepared to ease movement restrictions imposed to combat the pandemic.

India has the second highest number of corona infections in the world after the United States, as data from the Ministry of Health show that the total number reached 28 million and 800 thousand cases, while the total deaths amounted to 346,759.

A second wave of the disease that swept the country’s rural areas has not yet subsided, but the capital, New Delhi, and other cities are working to allow more businesses and companies to return to their activities and ease movement restrictions from today.

The western state of Maharashtra, which is India’s richest state and suffered the highest number of infections in the second wave, plans to start this week in phases to ease strict public isolation measures imposed last April. Although Indian authorities have ramped up immunization efforts in the past few weeks after a slow start, the majority of its population of about 1.3 billion are expected to remain unvaccinated to prevent the disease before a possible third wave.

Russian Minister of Health:

• “Coronavirus vaccines reduce the chances of infection with the virus to less than 1%.”

• India records the lowest daily death toll from the virus in two months.

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