Working in a team spirit will bring the Saudi plane back to the “front”, the Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh 26 Shawwal 1442 AH corresponding to 07 June 2021 AD SPA
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Volleyball Federation, Dr. Khaled Al-Zughaibi, stressed the importance of the next stage that awaits the Saudi teams, which need to double the effort.
This came during his visit to the preparatory camp for the Saudi national volleyball team for juniors, accompanied by Vice President Saad Al-Ruwais and Board Member Ibrahim Al-Brahim.
The team is preparing to participate in the Arab Championship that will be held in Tunisia from 5 to 16 August, and then participate in the Gulf Championship in Qatar at the beginning of next September.
Dr. Khaled Al-Zughaibi sent a message to the national team players, in which he stressed the importance of the next stage, and the need to work in the spirit of one team in light of the important participations and benefits that await the green plane.
He added: “This stage requires working to double the effort in training and implementing the instructions of the technical and administrative staff in order to represent the Kingdom in the best way, and we, as a board of directors, trust your keenness to provide what is required of you during the preparation stage, and your quest to appear at the level that honors the nation.”
At the conclusion of his speech, he stressed their keenness as a federation to meet all requirements and support the teams’ Sunni groups, as well as the great interest in them, as they represent the true nucleus of the first Saudi national volleyball team.
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