Windows 11 will bring native Android apps to Microsoft OS


Microsoft announced during Official launch event on June 24 which – which Windows 11 Supports Android applications. The apps will be supported via the Amazon App Store and will be found through the updated Microsoft Store. It allows you to pin your favorite apps locally so you can integrate them to your Start menu or taskbar.

This surprise with Windows 11 has not been given much information in addition, but more information will appear in the coming days. What we’ve seen so far is that apps can be tiled as part of the new App Mode user interface, with a demo showing Dictoc running in its dedicated window on the desktop.

Since it was a quick announcement, we don’t know how many Android apps will be available when Windows 11 is released to the public, but it’s exciting that many popular mobile apps like Instagram or Snapshot are often offered with the same desktop equivalent. Looking at the web version of Dictoc, it becomes clear why they chose to use this particular app in the teaser video.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has tried to bring Android apps to Windows OS. Some of you may remember that it was officially renamed “Project Astoria” or Windows Bridge for Android back in 2016, which was originally planned as a tool to turn Android apps into a universal Windows app that can run on all your Windows devices. . It only took a year for the void to go away, but this latest announcement clearly shows that the need to run Android apps on PCs hasn’t gone away with it.


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