Will the Japanese Olympics be held without an audience?


Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said on Sunday that the Olympic and Paralympic Games could be held without an audience this summer if the country’s COVID-19 cases continue to grow.”If we see an increase in the number of coronavirus infections, the basic rule is to take the necessary measures and deal with the Olympics in the same way as other events,” Katsuo was quoted as saying by Japanese news agency Kyodo.

These measures include limiting the number of fans and even banning them completely, the agency quoted the minister as saying. Japan’s Olympic Committee already banned overseas fans from coming to the competitions in March and is now discussing how many domestic spectators might be allowed to attend.The Japanese government and Tokyo authorities are scheduled to meet with Olympic and Paralympic officials on Monday to discuss the issue.

They are likely to review the Japanese government’s plan to limit the number of domestic spectators to 10,000 people per building as long as the number does not exceed 50% capacity. The Olympic Games begin on July 23 and the Paralympic Games on August 24.

Last Thursday, the Japanese Prime Minister said that the epidemic emergency will be lifted on Sunday in all prefectures except Okinawa, while the intensified anti-virus measures in prefectures bordering Tokyo will be extended until July 11.


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