Why did OTV stop transmitting Nasrallah’s word? – Ambassador of the North


Why did OTV stop transmitting Nasrallah’s word?

Observers noted that the “OTV” channel took the initiative to cut off the broadcast of the speech of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, after completing his paragraph on forming the government, during which he affirmed “Hezbollah’s continued assistance to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in his initiative aimed at resolving the government crisis.” .

The sources questioned about this step, especially since Nasrallah’s words, which followed that paragraph, were very important, as they mainly dealt with the issues of living, as well as the file of the early parliamentary elections.

In turn, OTV’s director of news and political programs, Jad Abu Joudeh, tweeted: “The news circulating about OTV cutting off the broadcast of Mr. Hassan Nasrallah’s speech for political reasons related to his position on the government file is a figment of the imagination of a website. It was not transferred for programming reasons, which is a normal thing that has happened repeatedly in the past. It required clarification.”

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