Why did France send a second “Statue of Liberty” to America? | international news


France announced that it would send to the United States a scale model of the original “Statue of Liberty”, in what it said was a “message of friendship” expressing the strong relations between the two countries.
The bronze statue, which is three meters high and weighs 450 kilograms, is scheduled to travel on a cargo ship later this month to the United States where it will be placed on Ellis Island in New York, during the period of Independence Day celebrations.
“CNN” reported that the new statue, nicknamed “Little Sister”, is 1/16 the size of the famous statue located on the island of “Liberty”, which France gave to the United States in 1886, on the occasion of the centenary of the American Revolution.
After the mission of the “little sister” in New York City, the statue will be sent to the American capital, Washington, specifically in front of the residence of the French ambassador, to reside there for the next decade.
The new statue was carved in 2009, and was placed in the National Museum of Arts and Crafts (CNAM), in the center of Paris, in 2011. It has already been loaded into a special container in the museum in preparation for the upcoming trip.
Olivier Varon, the museum’s general director, said the statue “symbolizes freedom and light throughout the world. We want to send a very simple message, that our friendship with the United States is very important, especially at this moment. We must preserve and defend our friendship.”
The miniature version bears the classic design of the original statue of a liberated woman holding a crown with seven thorns, representing the sun’s rays extending to the continents of the world, a book on which the history of America’s independence is placed in Roman numerals, and handcuffs lying on her left foot indicating the abolition of slavery in the United States.
The original Statue of Liberty was completed and sent to the United States in 1885, 20 years after slavery was abolished in the United States.


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