Who is Dina Diaa Bahgat Amr Diab’s new lover?


Tuesday, 06-15-2021
11:26 AM

Singer Amr Diab entered into a new love story, after he separated from artist Dina El Sherbini, and this time he lives a love story with a photographer in a famous international magazine in its Arabic version.
It seems that the plateau has passed quickly from the crisis that we have left El-Sherbiny, to be on a date with another Dina, Dina Diaa Bahgat, one of the photographers in the famous Vogue magazine, who lived in Spain and accompanied him on all his trips.
The beginning of the love relationship goes back to last February, when the plateau met with Dina, to start a new love story for the plateau.
Before that, those close to the plateau confirmed that his relationship with Dina El-Sherbiny had ended completely, especially since Amr Diab refused to meet her at the New Year’s party in Dubai, during which Dina was present and her friends mediated for their return, but the plateau’s decision was clear to close the issue permanently.
Amr Diab intends to take her with him on a trip to Greece, where he will perform a concert there.
And the star, Amr Diab, announced, on his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, that tickets for his concert scheduled for June 18 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have run out, and the plateau published a picture of the concert poster by commenting on it, saying: “Amr Diab’s concert in Jeddah on Friday.” Sold out”.
During the concert, the plateau will present many of his songs, including “Ya Anna Ya La”, “Behazar”, “Learn”, “Da Lo WhatsApp”, “Mahsud”, “I want to do like you”, “I am with you” and “Ya Most Beautiful Eyes”, Along with a number of his old songs.


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