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The world of fashion is closely related to art, not only in the current era, but for centuries. Fashion designers are always seeking to win an audience of celebrities to increase their fame and gain a new audience, including those who leave their mark in the cinema such as Coco Chanel, owner of the ancient fashion house Chanel, which Sherihan will present in Her new play is expected to be shown.

First of all, who is Coco Chanel?

Although she is known around the world as Coco Chanel, but that is not her original name, she was born Gabrielle Bonheur. She became “Coco” after soldiers gave her this nickname while singing on stage because she sang at parties and used to sing Qui qu’a vu Coco dans l’Trocadéro?

Sherihan with a cigarette in the first advertisement of the play “Coco Chanel” – video
Gabriel was born in a poor house, her father was a farmer and peddler, after the death of her mother, she was sent to an orphanage in the Obazin monastery, she and her sister are in care with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in a Croatian city, she lived between two colors only white and black as is common inside the monastery, and she lived There she turned 18, and there she learned to embroider and sew.

During Coco’s singing period, she got acquainted with many prominent fashion managers such as Etienne de Balsan, who discovered her talent in designing hats after he advised her to leave singing in cafes and go to the world of fashion, and soon her designs spread among the women of the high society, which made her move to live in Paris. 1908.

Breakthroughs in the fashion world

Coco Chanel started her career in fashion designing hats, with the help of one of her male fans, she opened her first store in Paris in 1913, and as she became more popular, she started selling clothes as well.

Coco opened her first store in 1916 and then a high-end fashion showroom in Paris, and the contradiction in the forms of her designs was the reason behind the rapid spread of her designs within the high-end circles in Europe, during that period she received an exclusive offer from the French textile company “Rhodeby” to use their fluid materials,

In 1920, “Chanel” opened its first boutique in Paris, and this was a transitional moment in its success, and the same year witnessed the birth of its first and famous perfume “No. 5” N°5, a mixture of many floral scents, rather than the scent of one type of flower . She presented the little black dress known to Chanel until now.

Chanel designed the first bag in 1929, and many considered it a scandal in the fashion world because of the long strap because the elegance was to carry the bag by hand, and it was inspired by the bags of soldiers.

Coco Chanel not only designed fashion, but also jewelry, enlisting the help of Count Etienne de Beaumont and Duke Fulco de Verdura to start a workshop dedicated to jewelry creations, merging non-precious stones with the purest jewelry.

discontinued due to economic recession

The global economic recession of the 1930s had a negative impact on the fashion house, but the outbreak of the Second World War was its final destination, and the company closed its stores.

During the German occupation of France, Chanel was associated with an officer in the German army, who was given permission to stay in her apartment at the Ritz. After the war ended, Chanel was questioned about her relationship with the German officer, but she was not charged with treason.

While she has not been formally charged, her relationship with the Nazi officer is still viewed by some as a betrayal of her country! Then Chanel left Paris, spent some years in Switzerland, and lived in her country house for a while.

Chanel returned again in 1954, when she was 70 years old, to the world of fashion, receiving for the first time ridiculous comments from critics, after they considered her a legend about to expire, she returned to present a women’s suit with a men’s knit design, and immediately turned into a staple of Elements of fashion, and one of the first wearers of it was First Lady Jackie Kennedy who was frequently seen in these designs, in particular, on the day her husband John F. Kennedy was murdered.

In 1969, Chanel’s life story was presented in the Broadway musical Coco.

In addition to fashion, Chanel was a popular figure in the Parisian artistic and literary world. She designed the costumes for Ballets Russes and stage artist Jean Cocteau Orphée.

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