What will bring Windows 11 of the new changes?


Shadi Awwad wrote in Al-Gomhouria:

Microsoft is working on the final stages of developing its new system, Windows 11, which will bring many improvements and features that were not present in the current Windows 10.

Many leaks revealed the shape of the upcoming Windows 11 system, and the big changes that it will bring to the user interface, the “Start” menu, the way files and documents are displayed, and control options.

The most notable change

The most prominent change in the new system is the difference in the user interface and the way the “Start” menu is displayed, as it appears with a simple design and circular edges, unlike the old form that comes at angles, as well as the possibility of moving its place in the bottom bar. Thus, its location on the far side will not be mandatory. The “Start” menu with new changes will include applications installed on the top and recently used files, and it will support the feature of changing the design to dark mode and choosing between several options.

At the bottom of the list, there is a bottom bar within the list that contains search options as well as options to turn on and restart the device. The icon for application shortcuts “Widget” has also been added in the “Start” menu, after removing it in Windows 10, to make it easier for users to access them.

Folders and files

As with the “Start” menu, folders, files, and settings windows appear in a simplified way, and a more modern design with rounded corners instead of squares. It is also possible to change the size of windows easily, and easily search for specific files. Microsoft has also made changes to the appearance of files and folders. Windows come with rounded corners, and the search window in Windows 11 now shows the search bar along the top.

Additional improvements

Microsoft aims to make Windows 11 more integrated with its devices and other systems, and this is evident through the system itself and the advantages it provided in cooperation with Google to support the Android system and other manufacturers.

With this, Windows 11 got a new way to set up and install the system, and a new boot sound. Although the leaks revealed a lot of the advantages of Windows 11, we are sure to see more additions at the upcoming Microsoft conference, and perhaps the performance that the new system will provide on computers compared to Windows 10 will be revealed.


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