What is the truth about the death of producer Mohamed Sami?


The pioneers of social networking sites reported an old news that sparked a great and widespread controversy about the death of the great director, Mohamed Sami, in a Cairo hospital, after his health condition deteriorated, so that the news spread widely through social media platforms, despite its occurrence nearly a year ago, which caused panic and concern a lot. From the audience of the director of “The Offspring of Strangers” wondering about the truth of the matterHowever, sources close to director Mohamed Sami quickly denied all the news circulating on the communication sites about his death, stressing that he is in good health, and that there is confusion caused by the similarity in the names between director Mohamed Sami, the late director Mohamed Sami, the father of director Yasser Sami, and the media, Mahi Sami. According to (her).

Issaf had published a picture of the late director, praising him on his Facebook page, saying: “God, the director and the father, the first to help me in my artistic life, and the first to be convinced by the father of my friends Mahi, Tamer and director Yasser Sami.”

Director Mohamed Sami topped the list of the most searched for on the global search index “Google” and various social networking sites during the past few hours, after some people circulated the news of his death affected by the emerging (Corona) virus.


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