What is the secret of the absence of Mohamed Salah’s wife and two daughters from his vacation in Egypt? – Al Riyadi – International stadiums


The wife of the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, and his two daughters, Mecca and Kayan, were absent from the great star’s vacation in Egypt, which raised questions among fans of the Liverpool striker.

Salah spends his vacation in Egypt on the shores of Hurghada, in one of the resorts in the international coastal city “El Gouna”, where he chose a tourist resort in which he appeared with a large number of Egyptians there, but his wife “Maggi” or his two daughters, Mecca and Kayan, did not appear with him, which made an audience The player wonders where his family is, and why his daughters did not appear with him in the pictures.

According to a source close to the family, Maggie has already missed Mohamed Salah’s summer vacation in Egypt, where he spent several days in El Alamein on the northern coast, then moved to Hurghada and stayed in El Gouna, north of the city, and from there to Bayoud Island, his favorite place to spend His vacation on the beaches of Hurghada, inside a private villa, accompanied by two of his friends, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan.

A source close to “Salah” said that his wife, Maggie, and his two daughters did not leave England in the first place, and do not spend the current vacation with him, and this is the secret of their absence from most of the pictures in which Mohamed Salah appeared with an audience and his fans, and football lovers from the Egyptians who consider him a role model for them. .

Mohamed Salah’s day begins with leaving the residence villa at about eleven in the morning, then heading to El Gouna Marina in the “Abu Tig” area, to start his journey on board a private launch for one of his close friends, to the island of “Bayoud” near the beaches of El Gouna, accompanied by two of his friends in the middle Private guard.

Salah, as part of his promotion of Egyptian tourism, published a picture of him on a yacht on a beach in Hurghada, and also published a short video of the beach, through his account on “Instagram”, accompanied by the Egyptian flag.



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