What is the reason for entering Maram Al Balushi in the hospital, and is she okay?


Maram Al Balushi’s health has become a preoccupation among her fans and fans after it was announced that she was admitted to the hospital and taken care of due to a health problem that she suffered during the past two days. From this point of view, we have prepared this report for you to reassure the public about the health of Kuwaiti singer and actress Maram Al Balushi and the reason for her hospitalization.

Maram Al Balooshi

Her real name is Maryam Jassim Al Balushi, born on February 2, her husband Hussein Al-Saleh.

The reason why Maram Al Balushi was admitted to the hospital

It had spread during the past hours that the Kuwaiti artist Maram Al Balushi suffered a second stroke in the heart, but Mai Al Balushi quickly denied this news and confirmed the reason for her admission to the hospital was the high enzymes in her which led to her being subjected to a catheter.

Hind confirmed that her sister, Maram, fell ill after suffering severe fatigue and exhaustion while filming her role in the series “Angel of Mercy,” which caused her to be transferred to the Kuwaiti Amiri Hospital, and there she underwent a number of medical tests, and it was found that she had a heart attack, and the doctor gave her a fluid needle to balance the enzymes, and based on Accordingly, a decision will be made whether a catheterization is necessary or not, and Mai Al-Balushi confirmed that her naughty condition is currently stable, while the Kuwaiti artist Hind Al-Balushi denied that her sister had a heart attack, and she wrote on the story feature on Instagram, saying: “Maram did not suffer a stroke. My beloved, but the enzymes are high and tired.

Many artists wished Maram a recovery, among them the Iraqi fashinista in Kuwait, Dana Al-Tuwairish, who posted a picture of her with Al Balushi through her official account on Twitter, and wrote: “Oh God, heal her with a cure after which there is no disease at all. Oh God, take her hand. Oh God, protect her with your eyes that Do not sleep, may God wear her the garment of health and wellness sooner rather than later.”

Kuwaiti artist Daoud Hussein shared a picture of Maram Al Balushi on his official Instagram account and asked his followers to pray for her recovery and return to her normal life.

Maram Al-Baloushi underwent a cardiac catheterization operation in 2019, while filming the Cairo Batch series in Egypt, then returned to Kuwait to get some rest. In intensive care at the hospital, in one of the television interviews, she also indicated that her view of life had completely changed after this experience, and she explained that she could not even breathe, and all worldly matters had changed in her eyes.

Information about Maram Al Balushi how old is she?

Maram Al Balushi began her artistic career in singing in 1997 until now. She released her first album, which was widely listened to and watched. She signed a contract with Rotana for artistic production, and then began her acting career in 2005, and after four years, she terminated her contract with Rotana for artistic production. She presented many programs, the most important of which are the Ghina program, which was shown on Abu Dhabi, and Sawalif Duha was shown on Al-Shahed channel, the Aini Ainak 2 program and the Broadening your chest program. In 2000, the album Dalaa Banat in 2004, and the album Maram 2007. She also filmed some of her songs as a video clip:

  • The world of oblivion.
  • love life.
  • Trouble trail.
  • Don’t leave me.
  • I swear to God.
  • My life.
  • I miss you.
  • توعدني.
  • Neighbor’s daughter.
  • swear by
  • Al Alali.
  • Let him go.


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