What is the “delta axis” prevalent in India and Britain? – Saudi News


A report issued by the “Confederation of Laboratories” in India revealed that the delta mutation of the Corona virus is very dangerous and deadly, which is highly transmissible volatile organic compounds and has caused panic in various countries, including India and Britain.

And the Indian “Republic” website stated that the report dealt with information about the Delta mutant of the Corona virus, which was detected for the first time in the country during the last period and is known as “K417N” and has a high transmittance of corona that increases by approximately 40%.

The report said that there are many mutant strains of COVID-19, including the K417N strain that originated in India and the most dangerous is the delta mutation, which is a sub-strain of this strain and is more transmissible.

The World Health Organization named “K417N” on the delta mutant to take into account the changes that develop in the manner of alphabets to simplify public discussions.

The website revealed during its report that the delta mutant is volatile organic compounds of amino acids that are placed like bricks next to each other, so any mutation resulting from changing the base causes the virus to change its shape and behavior.

It also contains several of these mutant strains, one of which is known as L452R, which was first reported in Denmark and was more transmissible than other wild strains and has been linked to reduced antibody and vaccine efficacy.

And British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced (Sunday) in press statements, that the Delta mutant from the Corona virus threatens to ease the precautionary measures in the United Kingdom, explaining that it is 40% more contagious than the alpha mutant that was prevalent in the country. Britain is the country most affected by Corona, in Europe, with nearly 128,000 deaths.


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