Weight gain is not always bad.. Experts define conditions


According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, BMI Or what is known as “BMI”, by dividing the weight by the square of the height in meters (kg / meter 2).

This method was invented in the early nineteenth century, by the Belgian mathematician, Lambert Adolphe Jacques Catlett.

And this account still exists to this day, through a racist appropriation Length Andthe weight In order to estimate the extent to which weight takes into account health requirements.

Experts believe that this indicator overlooks many aspects when people are judged to be healthy or otherwise, because it does not take into account things such as genetic and genetic factors, lifestyle, sex and muscle mass.

The researchers stress the importance of taking muscle mass into account, because the weight of a person may already be high, but the increase is due to the presence of important muscle mass to him, and not from the large amount of fat, and therefore, it cannot be said that he is in a critical situation.

According to this vision, what is required is to examine the proportions of fat and muscle, and not just dividing the total weight by the height.

And according to what the “Insider” website reported, earlier, from the researcher specializing in weight loss, Chris Schaaf, that the top experts themselves do not understand obesity more accurately and correctly, because the matter differs between millions of people.

Experts recommend paying attention to important factors before judging someone that he is at a healthy weight or that he is really called to worry and take action to protect himself.

One of the most important tips is to pay attention to the waist circumference, because its width means a lot of fat in this area of ​​the body, even if the total weight is normal.

In the same vein, experts say that if you are an overweight person, but you are keen to exercise regularly, you enjoy better health than a skinny person who does not engage in any physical activity.


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