We will continue to grant permissions to banks to open import credits, provided that they do not touch the mandatory recruitment


The Banque du Liban announced that, “After reviewing the information circulated in the media regarding the fuel crisis and the queues of cars in front of stations, a meeting was held at the Banque du Liban that included Governor Riad Salameh, Minister of Energy and Water Raymond.” Gypsy”.

The bank pointed out that “despite the systematic campaigns that the stocks of imported companies have become unavailable, Ghajar confirmed the presence of 66 million liters of gasoline in the tanks of the importing companies and 109 million liters of diesel, in addition to the quantities available at the distribution stations and not specified, which suffices the Lebanese market for a period ranging from Between 10 days and two weeks, the bank will continue to grant permissions to banks to open fuel import credits, provided that the mandatory employment is not harmed,” he said, calling on officials to “take the necessary measures because it is not within its power.”

The bank indicated that “Medco obtained the approval of the Banque du Liban for the credits provided by its bank more than two months ago in order to import two shipments of fuel with a total value of 28 million US dollars, and the quantity has not been emptied to date.”

In turn, Ghajar explained that “the quantities of gasoline, diesel and domestic gas that were imported during the year 2021 to date represent an increase of about 10% over the quantities imported during the same period in 2019, knowing that the situation was normal and the movement of the economy in general She was better off this year.”


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