(We want to go back) A gesture of hope launched by the Lebanese expatriates supported by Lilian Nimri!


A new work that was presented a few days ago by the young artist Alaa Khuzam under the title (We Want to Return), where a large number of Lebanese expatriates around the world gathered with a patriotic video that carries a purposeful message within the framework of planting hope and the dream of returning home.

Despite the difficult living conditions that Lebanon is going through, this act came as a sign of hope to hold on to the homeland. The song was written and composed by Alaa Khuzam, and arranged by Marwan Abed, while the technical supervision was given to the sound coach, Tony Al Baye. What was remarkable was the participation of the able Lebanese actress Lilian Nimri in this work, to appear in the first scenes supporting the message of these expatriates.

Lilian, who has always been and still is the first supporter of humanitarian messages in her artistic career, appears in the video clip, saying: Where were you with me, if your goal is one and you are hand in hand with the power of God, you will come back for sure.

Alaa Khuzam, who accomplished this work, explains his idea, saying: I contacted some Lebanese expatriates through Instagram, and the idea quickly spread and was well received by everyone. Coordination and recording took place via WhatsApp, and the videos were sent and collected in Lebanon to produce the final work, where Nidal Badr (Venezuela), Maysoon Al-Shamaa (UAE), Khaled Salman (Russia – UAE), Joseph Abla (Brazil), Diala Diab (America), Ahmed Reda (Brazil), Soma (France), Asri Issa (Germany), Laila Drake (Qatar), Adeeb Safa (UAE), Shadi Khuzam (UAE), Georges Eldada (UAE), Anwar Okasha (Germany), Muhammad Khalil (Saudi Arabia) ), Hussein Baalbaki (Qatar), Elissar Chahoud (Germany), Aban Habashi (Saudi Arabia) and rapper 101Don (France).

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