We refuse to invent new governmental norms such as the “disguised triangle”


Considered “Strong Lebanon” bloc that “The clear positioning of the political forces against the backdrop of the formation crisis allows the Lebanese to verify the position of each party and judge for themselves on the alignment and targeting that occurred,” stressing “renewing his insistence on the necessity and priority of forming a government headed by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, who must consult with the parliamentary blocs and agree with the Prime Minister. The republic has a government formation in accordance with the spirit and text of the constitution and according to the well-known charter mechanisms and standards, and what everyone agreed on within the French initiative without wasting more time or inventing new norms that are outside the principles.”

He expressed, in a statement after Its periodic meeting electronically, headed by Representative Gibran Bassil,Once again, the absolute positivity with the endeavor undertaken by President Nabih Berri and with any initiative that leads to authorship, although it must be characterized by concern for rights and the constitution, and be characterized by positivity and impartiality in order to bear fruit.

He continued, “It is one of the strangest matters that media campaigns are launched against the head of the bloc because of his response and reception to initiators who brought to him a clear demand to participate in the expected government and give it confidence, a decision that is made exclusively for the bloc and its parties, personalities and members, and not for the President of the Republic, who has the authority to participate in the formation of the constitution. The government and the approval of naming each minister in it, in agreement with the designated president. This does not deprive the bloc of its constitutional right to agree or not to participate and to grant confidence without an imposition from anyone, but rather with a subjective conviction and an independent decision that he expressed over and over again.”

And he added: “The bloc is doing everything necessary for the birth of the government within the constitution and the principles without special requests, other than committing to reform and ensuring that it is implemented without preconditions. The bloc refuses to invent new conventions related to a truncated rotation, an alleged exclusivity in authorship and naming, or a disguised trilogy under the guise of a government of three. And if the bloc is certain that the road is completely blocked, then there is no escape from the most hated halal.”

The bloc demanded, “the government of the Banque du Liban to adjust the electronic platform to perform the function required of it, that is, to reflect the real price of the US dollar in the market, and to stop the parallel markets, which are witnessing a suspicious rise in the price of the dollar, which automatically reduces the size of the losses of the Banque du Liban and banks and pays them from people’s deposits and pockets.” What is required of the platform is its transparency and control over the banking business, knowing their volumes, and their work in specific working times. The exchange rate does not slip outside it, and it is not possible to believe that such an easy and globally approved matter cannot be applied to exchangers and banks, otherwise the delay is considered intentional, then it is not permissible to remain silent about it.”

The bloc reminded that “the criminal audit of the accounts of the Banque du Liban has become a mandatory passage for every reform, and Lebanon will not obtain any external support before it is carried out,” calling for “accelerating procedures to restore it, and he will not remain silent about any delay or any delay in launching it again.”

The bloc asked the parliamentary blocs to “accelerate, starting from the joint committees meeting, Wednesday, to approve the financing card law and stop the random support that drains the remaining hard currency reserves, which causes a great waste of money in favor of known smugglers and advertisers and at specific crossings, and considers that the humiliation of the Lebanese in front of stations and pharmacies is a guarantee.” Alone, by obligating the blocs to complete the law as soon as possible under necessity and haste, in preparation for its approval in a nearby public body.”

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