“We brought him back to life” .. The Denmark team doctor tells the details of Eriksen’s rescue


Denmark’s doctor, Martin Boysen, revealed the details of his team’s intervention to save the life of his compatriot, Christian Eriksen, who suffered a heart attack during his country’s match against Finland in the European Football Cup.”We were asked to take to the field when Christian fell, I did not personally see him fall, but what was clear was that he lost consciousness,” Boysen said in a press conference after the match.

He added: “When we got close to him, he was lying on his side, he was breathing and I felt his pulse, but suddenly things changed (the pulse stopped) as everyone saw, and we massaged his heart and revived him.”He continued: “The medical team of the championship arrived quickly, and with his help we did what we had to do, we managed to bring Christian back to life.”

Soon, Christian was transferred to the nearest hospital in the Danish capital, where he was given first aid and underwent further examinations before his health condition was reassured when the European Union issued a statement confirming that Christian’s health condition was stable, while his country’s federation revealed that he was “awake” after his arrival. To the hospital.

Eriksen, 29, fell on the field in the 42nd minute of the first half of the match, when he was receiving the ball from a throw-in without any contact with anyone, after suffering a heart attack, and the medical staff urgently intervened to perform first aid and revive him, in the middle of a circle. Formed by the player’s teammates, in a terrifying scene.About ten minutes after his fall, the player was transferred on a stretcher, accompanied by the medical staff and the Danish team players, who seemed to be greatly affected, while the local fans applauded.

The match was stopped after the fall of Eriksen, and resumed after an hour and a half, after news from the European and Danish Federations that the player’s health condition had stabilized and he had regained consciousness. The match ended with a historic victory for Finland (1-0), participating for the first time in the European Football Championship finals.


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