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Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Political Affairs, Permanent Representative of the State to the United Nations, affirmed that the UAE believes that it has a lot to offer the UN Security Council and the entire multilateral system, assuring the international community that the slogan of its campaign revolves around the concept of “We are stronger with our union.”

Today, the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly will hold a secret ballot session to elect five new non-permanent members of the Security Council for the period 2022-2023, with the UAE running for the seat of the Asia-Pacific Group.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Lana Zaki Nusseibeh said, “The United Arab Emirates is a dynamic country in the region that looks to the future and seeks to build bridges with the international community. It also plays a leading role in the field of humanitarian work and is considered a global center for economy, trade and innovation.”

She added that although our world today is different from what it was in 1986-1987 when the UAE was a member of the Security Council for the first time in its history, we still believe that the best way to achieve international peace and security is for the international community to stand together and put multilateral action in The core of our efforts, therefore, our campaign slogan revolves around the concept of “We are stronger with our union.”

inherent value

She explained that cooperation is one of the values ​​inherent in the history of the UAE since its establishment, and has always sought to work with partners to find useful solutions for our humanitarian community.

She emphasized that joining the Security Council, which is the body responsible for the United Nations for maintaining international peace and security, is a great opportunity to implement the principle of maintaining international peace and security at the highest levels of multilateral action in order to address the most important global issues.

On her vision of the UAE’s role in the Security Council, Lana Nusseibeh stressed that although the UAE will occupy the seat of the Asia-Pacific Group, as well as represent the Arab voice, it is also committed to listening to the concerns of all UN member states and taking into account their views, and most importantly, that The country is looking forward to introducing a new perspective to the Security Council based on its understanding of the multiple crises listed on the council’s agenda, its experience in the Middle East, and its deep belief in the power of diplomacy.

“In addition, the UAE will continue to benefit from the multilateral approach in its work and cooperate with other members and stakeholders, including those working on the ground, to find solutions to global challenges that threaten international peace and security,” she said.

In this regard, the country will attach importance to promoting inclusiveness, supporting diverse and tolerant societies, building resilience in the face of various issues such as climate change and global health, as well as stimulating innovation by mobilizing the efforts of countries together under one roof to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technology in addition to working to achieve Peace by continuing to mediate between the conflicting parties, calming tensions and reaching comprehensive political solutions to conflicts.

cross border

On the issues that the UAE will focus on during its membership in the Security Council, she made it clear that although the agenda of the Security Council is strongly affected by emerging developments in the world, there are a series of transnational challenges that require joint measures to be taken to overcome them, and we believe that the UAE is well qualified to help. In finding solutions to many challenges, both emerging and cross-border.

She added, “For example, climate change is one of the challenges that undermine peace and stability around the world, especially in countries that are already experiencing conflict or in a post-conflict phase, and that the UAE is a major hydrocarbon producer.

which has focused on energy diversification, believes that it can help to reach consensus on practical ways to address the causal relationship between climate change and insecurity, including by encouraging the Council to take a more proactive approach to addressing emerging threats and endorsing the use of energy resources by peacekeeping operations Renewable energy”.

The UAE also plans to develop solutions to many of the grave challenges facing the world at the present time by institutionalizing gender equality, promoting tolerance, combating extremism and terrorism, attaching importance to humanitarian relief work, addressing global health crises and epidemics, and benefiting from the possibilities of innovation in achieving peace. It is also committed to working with other Board members to encourage consensus and find compromises on these important issues.”

Founding Fathers

She stressed that the UAE continues to be guided by the principles of foreign policy set by the founding fathers, and the blessed march of the UAE has contributed to its commitment to promoting dialogue and diplomacy and belief in the importance of stability, inclusiveness and prosperity in achieving international peace and security, noting that in accordance with these principles, the UAE foreign policy is based on the commitment to support Development and humanitarian initiatives and strengthening relations with countries around the world.

She said, “Because the UAE is always looking towards the future, its foreign policy depends on benefiting from the potential of technology and innovation, because it believes that its benefits extend to all and are not limited to a few. facing international peace and security, in the end, there is a role that all countries must play in order to maintain international peace and security, and the UAE is strongly committed to playing its role alongside the international community.”

strategic vision

She added, “As a member of the Security Council, the UAE will be keen, among foreign policy priorities, to advance its strategic vision towards achieving a stable and secure region, as well as strengthening its partnerships with countries from all over the world, and this is the second time in the country’s history that it will occupy one of the ten elected seats in the Security Council.” More than thirty years have passed since the last time the state was among the members of the council, so the membership of the UAE this time will be an opportunity that is only repeated once in a generation.

She pointed out that the world will continue to face challenges, and during the period of the UAE’s membership in the Council, we must prove to the world that we are able to help face these challenges by assuming our responsibility as a member of the international community, in addition to cooperating with members of the Security Council and all other UN member states to find solutions. Real, lasting and a better future for all.

The country is running for the seat of the Asia-Pacific Group in the Security Council



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