Ways to treat a sore throat without medication


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Ways to treat a sore throat without medication



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Dr. Marina Makisha, a member of the Russian National Society of Dietitians, announced that hot tea, contrary to popular opinion, does not cause an exacerbation of sore throat, but that tea and certain foodstuffs should be taken.

In a television interview, the expert points out that in case of illness, you should take tea whose temperature does not exceed 60-70 degrees Celsius with lemon, because otherwise it will cause additional problems.

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And she says, “When lemon is added to tea with such heat, lemon does not lose its benefits, especially vitamin С.”

And she adds, drinking too much tea has caused insomnia, because it has a tonic effect because it contains a high percentage of caffeine. Therefore, you are advised not to have more than 3-4 cups of tea per day.

The expert points out the beneficial properties of the Mors (boiled fruits and wild fruits). “Cranberry and cowberry contain chlorogenic acid, which has natural plant antibiotic properties. As well as many antioxidants needed to recover quickly from disease,” she says. Boiled these fruits can also be used in gargling.

Ways to treat a sore throat without medication


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And she adds, the use of honey in cases of cold diseases is not effective, but bee products: bee pollen (a ball or pellet of flower pollen), propolis or propolis, where half a teaspoon of bee pollen must be chewed and then refrain from drinking And eat anything for 30 minutes.

Ways to treat a sore throat without medication


Heir (Proulis)

According to her, the allicin in garlic helps reduce inflammation and has effective antibacterial properties. To get the full benefit of it, garlic should be crushed or chewed and kept for some time in the oral cavity. It is never recommended to put garlic cloves in the nose because it causes irritation of the mucous membrane.

The specialist points out that milk is not useful in cases of sore throat because it contains sugar, but it helps in other diseases.

Source: RIA Novosti


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