Watch.. What is the most beautiful gift Mustafa Al-Agha received on his birthday, and what did his wife comment on?


Syrian media publication Mustafa Agha A video clip through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, in which he appears with his wife, in celebration of his birthday.
Mustafa confirmed in the video that his wife is the most beautiful gift on this occasion, after his mother’s supplication and her coming from Syria to celebrate his birthday. A wife with the rank of a friend who bears all my ups and downs and supports me in my life and my decisions… I am grateful for your presence in my life and you are the crown on my head, Mai Al Khatib.
Mustafa and his wife Mai joked with each other, stressing that they would stop the problems between them until the end of the time for his birthday celebration.
The video was admired by a large number of stars who wished Mustafa goodness and happiness and his family as well, including Laura Abu Assad, Suzan Najmuddin, Lujain Imran and many others.


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