Watch the Netherlands and Ukraine match live broadcast in the Euro 2020 championship today


Mercato Day presents to you broadcast live Watch the Netherlands vs Ukraine match live broadcast in the championship Euro 2020In today’s matches, Sunday 13-6-2021.

The Netherlands meets Ukraine at the Johan Cruyff Arena in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, in the first round of Group C, which includes Austria and North Macedonia.

The Netherlands, winner of Euro 1988, has returned to participate in the tournament again after its absence from the last edition, “France 2016,”, and it will seek to exploit the ground factor to win over Ukraine today.

And you didn’t know Holland Loss in the last 10 international matches, only once, and it was against Turkey in the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and drew on 4 occasions, and won on 5.

On the other hand, it took Ukraine 25 years after independence from the Soviet Union to participate in the European Nations Championship when it was held on its soil with the participation of Poland in 2012, and then participated in the 2016 edition of France, before returning to record its third attendance at Euro 2020.

and will seek Ukraine To bypass the first round of the European Championship for the first time in its history after exiting the group stage in 2012 with a single victory, and 2016 without any victory.

Despite topping the qualifying group, which included defending champions Portugal, Andrei Shevchenko’s men won only two of their last nine matches, lost on 4 occasions, and drew on 3.

The match between the Netherlands and Ukraine will be managed by German referee Felix Brych, and the whistle for the start of the match will sound at 19:00 GMT, 21:00 Egypt time, 22:00 Saudi time, 23:00 Emirates time.

The match between the Netherlands and Ukraine will be broadcast live on BN Sports Max 1 and 2, with the voice of the Egyptian sports commentator Ali Mohamed Ali, as well as on more than 50 television stations from inside and outside Europe.

Netherlands 0-0 Ukraine

Johan Cruyff Arena (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Euro 2020 (First round – Group C)
underway now

Welcome to this live broadcast of one of the most important matches today, Sunday, June 13, 2021, in the Euro 2020 tournament between the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Refresh this page to know all the details and events of the Netherlands-Ukraine match firsthand, such as the result, changes and goal scorers, and use the link below if the live video stops, you will find a new broadcast.

Holland squad today

Stecklenburg – Van Anholt Daly Blind de Vrij – Timber – Dumfries – Frenkie de Jong – Wijnaldum – de Ron – Memphis Depay – Vikhurst.

Ukraine squad today

Georgy Pushkhan – Mikolenko – Matvienko – Zabarny – Karafeev – Zinchenko – Zubkov – Malinovsky – Sidrokhuk – Yarmolenko – Yarmokhuk.

Netherlands vs ukraine match summary

3rd minute | A missed goal opportunity from Holland. Memphis Depay is almost alone, shooting from the position and running a beautiful ball, but goalkeeper Jorge Pushkhan notices it and pushes it away with his fingertips.

10th minute | A non-stop attack from the Netherlands during the first ten minutes of the match.

13th minute | An emergency change in the Ukraine squad due to an injury to the left winger “Zubkov”, to replace him with Marlos.


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