Watch .. the moment of the “disappearance” of 4 huge cooling towers for a power station in a live broadcast of the football match



Watch.. moment

Last Monday, the county of South Staffordshire in the British Midlands witnessed the controlled destruction of 4 cooling towers for the Rogeley power plant, each of which is 117 meters high.

A video clip of the football match was spread on social media, showing the collapse of the historic “Rugeli” power plant, which has been closed since 2016 after 53 years of work, and the players stopped after hearing the sound of a controlled explosion of the station.

The controlled demolition of the towers took only 5 seconds, and the towers, over 384 feet (117 meters) high, are one of the most prominent structures in South Staffordshire since the 1950s.

They each cooled six million gallons of water an hour before the plant closed in 2016, and will be replaced by 2,300 low-carbon homes and schools in Rugeley, Staffs.

“This redevelopment will help breathe new life into society while supporting our ambitious climate commitments,” said Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

The coal-fired power plant had provided electricity to millions of homes for decades and was one of the symbols of the coal industry in the region, and the French energy company Engie organized a live broadcast of the demolition, so that those who wanted to see the controlled explosion would not organize a crowd of People.

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The police urged the citizens to follow the scenes of the bombing on the small screen, but hundreds of people ignored it, and chose to go to the place and watch the event first-hand.

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