Watch the Italy and Switzerland match broadcast live today 6/16 in the European Nations Cup


Follow-up to the live broadcast of the match between Italy and Switzerland in the most important matches of the day in Euro 2020, the Italian national team is preparing to face its guest, Switzerland, today, June 16, at the Olympic Stadium, as part of the matches of the second round of the group stage of the European Nations Cup 2020.

You can watch the Italy-Switzerland match broadcast live today via BN Sport Max HD1 channel, with an audio performance by commentator Khalil Al Balushi, and the start of the Italy-Switzerland match will sound today, Wednesday, at 10:00 pm Mecca time, 9:00 Cairo time.

The Italian team returned to the scene strongly during after it presented a group of very strong matches during the Euro 2020 qualifiers, and then achieved a great start in the opening match of the tournament after crushing the Turkish team with three clean goals, through which it issued the group, taking advantage of Switzerland’s tie with Wales in their first match, and the Italian battalion aspires To continue to progress and maintain the top by dropping the Swiss team and deepening its wounds tonight.
On the other hand, the position of the Swiss team became very difficult after its draw in the first round with Wales, although it was considered the easiest match for it on paper before colliding with Italy and the injured Turkey team. At the expense of stubborn Turkey and Wales, and therefore they have no alternative but to come out with three points, or at least one precious point, to give hope and enthusiasm in the hearts of their players in order to move forward in Euro 2020.

The meetings of the two teams always carry a lot of excitement and rivalry, despite the remarkable superiority of the sons of Rome throughout history, and the two teams have met on 20 occasions before, of which the Azzurri settled 9 matches in his favour, while Switzerland won only three times, and the tie between them over eight matches, but The strange irony is that the last three confrontations between them were friendly, all of which ended in a draw.

The formation of Italy and Switzerland in today’s match

Italy squad: Donnarumma – Chiellini – Bonucci – Spinazzola – Lorenzo – Barilla – Jorginho – Locatelli – Berardi – Insigne – Immobile.

Switzerland squad: Sumer – Mbabo – Elvede – Akanji – Embolo – Freeler – Harris – Xhaka – Rodriguez – Shar – Shaqiri.

Koora Day also broadcasts live broadcasts of the Italy vs Switzerland match in the most prominent matches for today in the second round of the group stage of the European Nations Cup 2020, and we will follow up with you this strong confrontation to know its results.


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