Watch .. The first response from Zara Al-Balushi to the follow-up of her “gray hair” and her late marriage


Al-Marsad newspaper: The Omani artist, Zara Al-Balushi, published a video clip through her account on “Snapchat”, in which she responded to her calibration by following up with “gray hair” and her late marriage.

Al-Balushi said that “graying” has affected her since she was 16 years old, explaining that if she reaches the age of 50 and does not find the right person to marry and form a family, she will not marry.

Al-Balushi expressed her great annoyance at the comment of one of the followers, saying: “Your hair has become gray and you have missed the train of marriage and childbearing, the advice of turning around for yourself and being a family, the things you are in will not last for a reel as you age.”

Al-Balushi explained that she is content with raising cats in her home, and she continued, “You see marriage not by a train, and if the first train goes, the second train will come.”

She added that she has a house, a family, her sister, her children and cats, indicating that marriage is not a condition for her to have a family.


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