Watch .. The first comment from the famous Snapchat “Amal Al-Shahrani” on her stay with a man without marriage


Al-Marsad newspaper: Snapchat famous Amal Al-Shahrani, who lives in America, published a video clip, in which she responds to a follow-up about her stay with a man without marriage.

Al-Shahrani said that from her point of view, there is no problem with that, adding: “What is your real income, what is your income, do what I want to do, I came to you?!, I knocked on your door?!, you are the one who entered me on Snape, on Twitter, on my Instagram “.

She explained that she does not seek to attract followers or views, but rather the audience is the one who comes to her, indicating that no one can watch what she publishes through her account on Instagram, except on the condition that she is followed up first.

And she concluded: “It is true that I am broken in the world. I marry him. I do not marry him. I love him, what I love. This is my home and my life. You just follow me. You are just watching.”


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