Watch the destruction of cars worth millions of dollars .. Mercedes and Porsche


Millions of Dollars Worth, Destroy the Philippine Customs Office cars Farha fled to the country earlier last year.

The cars include well-known brands such as the new McLaren 620R, the 2007 Bentley, the Porsche 911 C2S, and the Mercedes-Benz of MICP, which were collected in the port area of ​​Manila.

Meanwhile, 14 used Mitsubishi Jeeps were destroyed by Cagayan de Oro Port.

The destruction of the vehicles comes under a presidential directive, in which Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte stressed the need to destroy the smuggled vehicles to send a strong message that the government is serious in its efforts to combat smuggling.

On February 9, the customs office also destroyed 17 cars in Cebu and Manila ports.


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