Watch the Bahrain-Iran match, live broadcast, Yalla Shot, YouTube online


Watch the Bahrain-Iran match, live broadcast, Yalla Shot, YouTube online The strongest match in the third group in the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, the Bahrain match against Iran today live, the away match in the lead for the Bahrain national team, or the loss and the ignition of the lead and the chance of qualification becomes not guaranteed, and the Bahrain-Iran match will be held today, broadcast live at the Bahrain National Stadium In Riffa, at half past seven Saudi time and six thirty Cairo time.

The match between Iran and Bahrain today is broadcast live on Bahraini sports channels, as part of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, where the victory for the Bahrain team means its continuation in the competition for the qualification ticket, and the victory for the Iranian team means its tie in points with Bahrain in first place in the third group in the World Cup qualifiers. world to Asia.

Bahrain vs Iran yalla shoot live

The Bahrain vs Iran match today, broadcast live football online, and Bahrain and Iran play in the third group, in which the Iraq team, Cambodia, and Hong Kong team are present, and the group is led by Bahrain team with 12 points, while the last place in the group is Cambodia.

Scenes of the Iran-Bahrain match, broadcast live

Live broadcast of Bahrain and Iran today, Yalla Shot. The Bahrain national team has played 6 matches so far in the third group, winning 3 matches, drawing 3 matches, unbeaten. Morocco’s players scored 11 goals, while they conceded one goal.

Watch the Bahrain vs Iran match today, Yalla Shot

On the other hand, the Iranian team played 5 matches, which is less than the Bahrain national team. Out of the five matches it played, the Iranian team won only 9 points, won 3 matches, did not draw, lost two matches, and where the Iranian team scored 20 goals, while They conceded 4 goals.

Watch the Bahrain-Iran match broadcast live on YouTube

Bahrain and Iran are playing today in the third group of Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, which includes Iraq, Bahrain, Iran, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Bahrain ranks first with 12 points, while Cambodia is the last with one point. .

The date of the Bahrain-Iran match today, the carrier channels and the commentator

The Bahrain match against Iran will be broadcast live today at 7:30 Mecca time and 6:30 Cairo time.
The Bahrain-Iran match will be watched on the Bahrain Sports Channel, commented by Ali Saeed.


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