Watch .. The artist “Daoud Hussein” tells new details about his being robbed and reveals the size of the stolen amount!


Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti artist Daoud Hussein came out, to confirm the news of his being robbed of a sum of money worth 8000 dinars (about 27 thousand dollars).

Daoud Hussein appeared, in a video clip, through his account on the “Instagram” website, today, Tuesday, in which he said that the news circulated about his loss of a sum of money is correct.

Daoud Hussein confirmed that investigations are underway to find out anything new about the theft, adding that he received support from many who offered him help.

And he continued: “I thank the positions of some men who are true friends, who call those who are afraid of you and say what you are commanded, Abu Hussein, I do not want anything.

And he added: “When a door gets drunk in your face, it opens many doors, and I swear to God, our Lord gave me a lot of those who went 10 times.. Thank you and my love for everyone who asked about me.. David.”


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