Watch.. Ramy Ayyash and his wife celebrate their daughter’s birthday


Posted by the Lebanese artist Rami Ayash A video clip and photos through his official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, accompanied by his son and daughter Iana, as well as his wife Dalida Ayyash, as they celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

Ramy commented on the video and photos by writing his daughter’s name and a heart next to it.

The image of Rami’s child was admired by many followers, who expressed their admiration for her beauty and wished her a happy birthday.

On the technical level, Ramy was a guest on the series “Twenty Twenty”, accompanied by the two stars Qusai Khouli and Nadine Najim, where he played the character “Gibran” and also celebrated the success of the series with the work team and producer Sadiq Al-Sabah.

Ramy had previously announced that he would not mind presenting songs at Egyptian festivals.

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