Watch out.. Signs in your body that warn of high blood sugar


Signs, scars, or odors, which may be a strong indicator of high blood sugar, for patients with diabetes or others, so pay attention, so there are some signs identified by Dr. Ashraf Omar, a consultant in liver and gastrointestinal transplantation, several signs of high blood sugar. sugar, see a doctor immediately.

In exclusive statements, Ashraf says that there are several signs that lead to high blood sugar, and it can lead to coma and then death.

Signs in your body that warn of high blood sugar

Darkening of the skin.

Skin color changes.

The presence of an abscess on the face.

Bad breath and it is with the elderly, and this is one of the dangerous signs that lead to a coma and then death.

Constant feeling of thirst.

Noticeable weight loss.

Swelling, redness, pain, or tenderness in the eyelid

Feeling that there is something in your eyes

Discomfort by bright light الضوء

Eye tearing and peeling.

– frequent urination.

– headache

Blurred vision

Fatigue and lethargy.

How to control blood sugar?

Adherence to medication.

Weight control, if the patient is obese, he must lose weight and follow a diet to lose weight.

Monitor your sugar regularly.

Eat healthy food, vegetables and fruits.

Do simple exercise regularly.

Reducing starches, sugars and carbonated water.

Take medicines regularly.

Periodic monitoring of blood sugar levels.

What can cause high blood sugar?

Dr. Ashraf said that “eating too much and not moving enough” can lead to high blood sugar.

Other causes may include feeling nervous, feeling unwell from an infection, missing a dose of medication, or eating more carbohydrates than your body can tolerate.



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