Watch.. Najwa Karam cries in a television interview.. She reveals the secret of her father’s saying, “Shalhatini is my name.”


Al-Marsad newspaper: The Lebanese actress, Najwa Karam, broke down in tears in a television interview, while talking about her father.
Najwa said that she learned strength and diligence from her father, and that her name may pose a problem to her in the future and a knot for any man who wants to be associated with her. “What does it mean if you were Najwa Karam?”
She indicated that he opposed her entry into the artistic field because she would lose something as big as the simplicity of life, and demanded her on one condition that the name remain raised.
And she cried when she remembered a word her father said to her, “Oh, my name is you,” meaning that people were calling him by saying, “You are Najwa Karam’s father?”
She also remembered her mother’s generosity, from whom she had learned to sacrifice. She added, “Life taught me to keep my secrets in a white box. And that memory is more important than forgetting because it is based on everything called the past, because no person can build his future without remembering his past.


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