Watch.. Joumana Murad cries because of the criticism she received after the death of her daughter


She was bullied after posting a picture with Suzan Najmuddin

Watch.. Joumana Murad cries because of the criticism she received after the death of her daughter

Syrian actress Jumana Murad could not hold back her tears in front of the camera as she spoke about the criticism she received after the death of her daughter.

The artist went into a fit of tears because of her question about her controversial image, less than 3 months after the death of her youngest daughter, where she appeared on Instagram with her colleague Suzan Najm al-Din, wearing casual clothes in red, and an exposed belly.

And she said in statements to the “Insider in Arabic” program: “I cried as if it was the same day my daughter was buried. bullying, It is difficult for the world to judge you, but because you went out with a friend who tried to get you out of where you are.”

She added: “The child did not wear black after his death, and we did not do it because he was originally attributed, but I was forced because all people wanted to console me.”

Joumana was subjected to a fierce attack on social networks, and activists considered her cruel and heartless because her daughter died a short time ago while enjoying her life.

Some also asked her what kind of mother she was so that she was able to forget the pleasure of her liver in a short period of time, and activists commented on her that they were unable to live their lives in an ordinary way despite the passing of years since the loss of one of their sons.

It is noteworthy that the artist announced the death of her baby, Diana, on the 29th of last March, and she appeared in a state of great sadness.
She also posted a picture of her on her personal account Instagram And she commented: “Praise be to God in any case, to God what he gave and to God what he took, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return. Today, our daughter Diana Rabie Bseiso passed to God’s mercy.”

And she continued: “God willing, you will be our intercessor in the hereafter and in heaven, soul of the heart of your mother and father, your separation is difficult and painful, but you are in a much better place, Lord, inspire us patience and solace and cold to our hearts, there is no objection to your judgment, Lord, and thank God anyway, and you are a bird of paradise. My mother”.

It is noteworthy that Joumana Murad is married to Jordanian lawyer Rabie Bseisu, and they had Muhammad, then they became three after the birth of the twins Ali and Diana.


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